Ceyenne Software
Ceyenne Software

With Ceyenne you can expect a complete solution package. Ceyenne is software developed by Diract IT; a smart and managing integrated suite with a wide range of functionalities. We have been implementing and managing these solutions successfully since 2007 at a wide variety of customers and partners. The Ceyenne software suite is modular software and consists of many solutions that can be implemented as a package, but also independently within organizations.

Ceyenne software has been developed from a basis with years of in-depth knowledge and experience of logistics, omni-channel, fulfilment and warehouse processes. This means that it has been extensively developed and tested based on feedback from practice.


Ceyenne WMS

An important fundamental within Ceyenne is the Warehouse Management System. This WMS controls all processes in and around a warehouse. From incoming goods, through storage to order picking and shipping. In addition to these primary functions WMS also supports many other processes that occur in warehouses. Some of these include Return Processing, Value Added Logistics, Production Support, Quality Control, Stock Control & Cycle Counting. Ceyenne WMS distinguishes itself through an intelligent process management process. Ceyenne has many connections to ERP packages and webshop software. There are also more than 50 connections that are integrated with local and international package services and transporters.

Ceyenne Concentrator

The main components of this module of Ceyenne are Order Management and Product Information Management. Today, many companies know many online and offline places where their products are offered, directly or indirectly. Orders are no longer 1-on-1 but must be smartly divided or merged (or both) for quick and efficient handling. The value of well-automated Order Management and Product Information Management on logistics and organizational efficiency is therefore high. Ceyenne Concentrator provides your Order Management and PIM with the right direction.

“Der richtige Waren-, Bestell- und Informationsfluss ist entscheidend für ein erfolgreiches Omnichannel-Geschäft”

Other Ceyenne functions

In addition to Ceyenne WMS and Ceyenne Concentrator we also provide solutions for:

  • Publishing Management
  • Virtual Stock
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing Management
  • Vendor Management Inventory
  • Value Added Logistics
  • Translation Module
  • Warehouse Intelligence
  • Cycle counting
  • Drop Shipping
  • Stock Management
  • Data Control
  • Content Management Module

Ceyenne also has multiple solutions for Order Entry, such as, of course, a Webshop, suitable for B2B and B2C.

Finally, there is a Business Intelligence module, technology that provides clear management information and dashboards, but is also used to analyze the “Big Data” and to manage processes smartly.







Logistics: Logistics is everywhere

Logistics involves organizing, planning, controlling and executing the flow of goods within an organization. In short: ensuring that the right items are present in the right amount at the right time at the right location. But how do you achieve this? And even better, how do you achieve this as efficiently as possible?

Setting up more efficiently
Organizing a logistics process efficiently is a challenge in itself. The smart software and profound business knowledge of Diract can help with this. Ceyenne WMS leads to a more efficient logistics process, including substantial savings on warehouse space and a reduction of staffing.
The efficiency growth is mainly achieved because Ceyenne WMS will manage the process. This optimizes walking routes, provides your warehouse staff with ongoing “instructions” and sets up the warehouse so that the items are placed in the best location. More information?

Omni-channel: Omni-channel focuses on the customer

Where multi-channel and cross-channel are focused on the use of the channels, omni-channel is primarily about the brand and product experience of the customer. The customer comes in contact with a brand through different contact moments. Omni-channel ensures that this is a syntonic and seamless experience, regardless of the channel (on and offline). This means that appearance, content and experience are everywhere and always the same. If you have a customer in your store who wants a product that is only available online, that is possible. If the customer in your store wants an article that is available online only, that is possible as well. Omni-channel goes beyond the doors of a shop or a webshop.


Fulfilment is all about processes that focus on handling and processing all of the order management activities. In short, all the actions needed to handle an order successfully and as quickly as possible. Ceyenne can also be a valuable addition to a smart handling of this process.



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